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Exhale GEN 4.5 Container #1 arrived to our warehouse in Nice (France)

I am pleased to announce that Exhale GEN 4.5 Container #1 (390 fans) arrived to our warehouse in Nice (France).

The LEDS lights also landed in France so we will have them at our warehouse shortly.

All shipments of comlete fans (with COOL or WARM LEDS) from container #1 will be done on July 15th.

For orders passed after May 15th, we are still on track :
Container #2 (390 fans) arrives late July
Container #3 (390 fans) arrives mid August

Arrival of container #1
Expedition of Exhale fans
Thank you for your business and patience.

Best regards

Pierre Lacarriere
CEO Exhale Europe & Freerise

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