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Control your Exhale fan with a switch

Control your Exhale fan with a switch February 7th 2020 Yes, you can control your exhale with a switch:Picture this: You enter the room, press on a switch, your exhale fan starts and its LED light is also on. The light can work simultaneously or separately from the...

PROTEION retirement homes now have Exhale fans

The choice of bladeless fans for seniors Exhale Fans Europe has equipped PROTEION retirement home chain based in the Netherlands. Why choose a Vortex fan? Many elderly people dislike air conditioning or direct wind drifts as traditional ceiling fans would. The air...

Syncing the Exhale remote – Remote programming

The remote control of your bladeless ceiling fan has become out of sync? Here's how to synchronize it in a few steps. Exhale fan Gen 4. 1. Turn the power OFF for at least 10 Seconds, if necessary, turn off the Circuit Breaker that routes power to your fan. 2. Turn...

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