How does it work

Exhale bladeless fan – How does it work?

Bladeless ceiling fan

Exhale is the only extra flat bladeless ceiling fan. Its principle is unique and patented – it sucks the air under it and hurls it out at 360 ° around the room. The air then hits the surrounding walls and creates a wrapping effect.

You end up by having a nice breeze in the whole room (not just under the fan like the usual ones).

Your hair is not sucked up, you don’t have a nasty draft but more like a breeze that comes from all over.
Exhale fans are discreet, hush and don’t use much energy. The DC Brushless motor (very quiet brushless DC motor) and the absence of blades reduces friction et air noises. You will quickly forget the fan is turning and you will leave it running for a long time.

l'air circule dans toute la pièce avec Exhale

All year long

An accurate alternative solution to airconditionning that brings you long lasting comfort all year round:

  • Summer comfortit creates a sweet breeze in the room that reduces the effect of warmness of at least 4 degrees due to better evactuation of skin perspiration.
  • Winter comfortit mixes the various layers of temperature (de stratification) that are naturally created within a room (hot air tends to stay at the ceiling while cool air stays on the ground level). Exhale will even the temperatures from floor to ceiling thanks to the constant stirring of the air.

It can also be combined with AC or heating devices thanks to a better stirring of the air in the entire room. Many of our customers use their Exhale in the winter to spread the hot air generated by a fireplace or a stove. An American study (Purdue university) has proven that heating and Ac expenses could be reduced by up to 38% while using an Exhale fan.


Up to 38% less energietic expenses

How much does an Exhale that runs 24 hours a day cost?

Based on a kWh cost of 0.2276€ (average rate of EDF – Electricity of France in 2023).
Knowing that an Exhale in speed 1 (minimum / for winter comfort), consumes only 4 Watts per hour.
Knowing that an Exhale in speed 6 (maximum / for summer comfort) consumes 50 Watts per hour.
In a month of 30 days, running 24 hours a day, it will therefore run 24 x 30 = 720h/month.

  • At speed 1 (winter comfort), an exhale running 24 hours a day will consume 0,5€ of electricity per month.
  • At speed 6 (summer comfort), an exhale running 24 hours a day will consume 6,26€ of electricity per month.


SpeedConsumption (W/h)Cost Watt/hourPer day (€)Per month (€)
The temperature inside a room is usually in layers : the air on the ceiling stays warm while griound air stays cold. De stratification is a mixing of those layers for an even temperature. Exhale will destratify those layers very efficiently.


  • Bedrooms (including children)
  • Living room
  • Schools
  • Town hall
  • Libraries
  • Sustainable buildings

Warranty (parts)

Our high quality components allow us to provide you with a 5 years parts warranty on the whole fan (including disks, motor, remote and light).

What make us different?

Exhale Elégant avec une ligne sphérique épurée sans vis ou écrou quelque soit le point de vue
Ventilateur classique Ventilateur à pales classique de type «colonial»
Exhale L’air est aspiré en son centre (effet vortex) pour une diffusion optimale du flux d’air à 360°
Voir en vidéo
Ventilateur classique Souffle d’air en colonne uniquement sous le ventilateur
Exhale Moteur DC Brushless (courant continu) avec vitesse de rotation maximale de plus de 300 tour/min, silencieux (40 DB) et un volume d’air brassé de 115 m3/min.
Ventilateur classique Moteur AC (courant alternatif) plus économique mais plus bruyant et vorace en énergie.
Exhale Diamètre 86 cm / épaisseur 18 cm seulement
Ventilateur classique Diamètre 70 à 145 cm / épaisseur 25 à 45cm
Exhale Silencieux et quasiment imperceptible (entre 30-40db)
Ventilateur classique Plus bruyant à cause du frottement des pales dans l’air.
Exhale En mode déstratification, vitesse 1, le ventilateur Exhale ne consomme que 4 watt, soit 10 à 20 fois moins qu’une ampoule classique.
Ventilateur classique Les moteurs AC (courant alternatif) consomment 80% d’énergie en plus qu’un moteur DC.
Exhale Un ventilateur permet de couvrir une pièce avec une température uniforme sol/plafond pour des hauteurs de plafond allant jusqu’à 7 mètres. Idéal pour les plafonds hauts avec mezzanine.
Ventilateur classique Un ventilateur classique couvre une pièce de maximum 35m2, au-delà il faut prévoir un deuxième ventilateur.
Performance du moteur
Volume sonore
Economique / Ecologique

Air speed

Thanks to its 3 patents, the Exhale fan delivers a uniform air speed throughout the room, regardless of your position in relation to the fan.
With a fan with blades, there is a high intensity of air speed directly underneath (which can even be annoying in use – leaves and hair flying), however, as soon as you move away, you have dead zones without air speed.

Any questions?