How does it work

Exhale bladeless fan – How does it work?

Bladeless ceiling fan

Exhale is the only bladeless fan. Its principle is unique and patented – it sucks the air under it and hurls it out at 360 ° around the room. The air then hits the surrounding walls and creates a wrapping effect. You end up by having a nice breeze in the whole room (not just under the fan like the usual ones). Your hair is not sucked up, you don’t have a nasty draft but more like a breeze that comes from all over. Exhale fans are discreet, hush and don’t use much energy. The DC Brushless motor and the absence of blades reduces friction et air noises. You will quickly forget the fan is turning and you will leave it running for a long time.

l'air circule dans toute la pièce avec Exhale

All year long

An accurate alternative solution to airconditionning that brings you long lasting comfort all year round:

  • Summer comfortit creates a sweet breeze in the room that reduces the effect of warmness of at least 4 degrees due to better evactuation of skin perspiration.
  • Winter comfortit mixes the various layers of temperature (de stratification) that are naturally created within a room (hot air tends to stay at the ceiling while cool air stays on the ground level). Exhale will even the temperatures from floor to ceiling thanks to the constant stirring of the air.

It can also be combined with AC or heating devices thanks to a better stirring of the air in the entire room. Many of our customers use their Exhale in the winter to spread the hot air generated by a fireplace or a stove. An American study (Purdue university) has proven that heating and Ac expenses could be reduced by up to 38% while using an Exhale fan.


Up to 38% less energietic expenses

The temperature inside a room is usually in layers : the air on the ceiling stays warm while griound air stays cold. De stratification is a mixing of those layers for an even temperature. Exhale will destratify those layers very efficiently.


  • Bedrooms (including children)
  • Living room
  • Schools
  • Town hall
  • Libraries
  • Sustainable buildings


Our high quality components allow us to provide you with a 5 years warranty on the whole fan (including disks, motor, remote and light).

Vitesse de l'air

What make us different?

Exhale fan is stylish with spherial shapes and sleek lines, with no visible screw
Conventional fan
Classic «colonial» type fan with blades

the fan is able to achieve a unique VORTEX flow by drawing air from below and returning it in a 360-degree direction for total ventilation throughout the room

See in video
Conventional fan Blow of air in column only under the fan

Brushless DC engine (direct current) with a maximum rotation speed of more than 300 rpm, silent (40 DB) and a circulating air volume of 115 m3/min.
Conventional fan
AC (alternating current) engine is more economical but noisier and greedy in terms of energy.

Diameter 86 cm / thickness 18 cm only.
Conventional fan Diameter 70 à 145 cm / thickness 25 à 45cm.

Silent and almost imperceptible (between 30-40db)
Conventional fan
Noisier due to the friction of the blades in the air.

In destratification mode, speed 1, the Exhale fan consumes only 4 watts, 10 to 20 times less than a conventional bulb.
Conventional fan AC engine (alternating current) consumes 80% more energy than a DC engine.

a fan is able to cover a 50m2 room with an even floor/ceiling temperature for ceiling heights up to 7 meters. Ideal for high ceilings with mezzanine.
Conventional fan
a conventional fan covers a room of maximum 35m2, beyond that limit a second fan is required.

Engine Operation
Engine performance
Economical / Ecological

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