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Find out about the Exhale bladeless ceiling fan

Origin of the Exhale fan

The designer of Exhale used to be a pilot with the American Airforce. When developing the Exhale, he reproduced the principal of a reversed jet engine.
In order to do this, he designed the Exhale bladeless ceiling fan drawing his ideas from Nikola Tesla’s famous bladeless turbine.
The result is a fan of unique design and mode of operation.
While other fans merely blow out a column of air below them, Exhale fans draw in the air below by the vortex effect and distribute it all around the room. Over and above the design, the feeling with Exhale 360 ceiling fan is unique.


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Birth of the Exhale fan

The first Exhale fan emerged in 2015 with the Kickstarter participative platform. It has been distributed in France since 2016. Currently we are selling the 4th generation (GEN 4)

Find out about the Generation 4 Exhale bladeless ceiling fan

Faster and more powerful, without being noisy, still with limited energy consumption.
The 4th generation of the Exhale bladeless ceiling fan has improved to better satisfy you.

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