Frequently Asked Questions

Exhale bladeless fans – FAQ?

Installation of the Exhale fan

How to install the Exhale fan in your house?

You have a few alternative solutions: You can either do the installation yourself. See the installation video here:

You can have the fan installed by a professional. In the EXHALE FAN / WHERE TO FIND IT section, we have listed electricians and professionals who have already installed Exhale fans.

But you can also call on your usual electrician.

Installation tutorial of the Exhale fan

The video is in English. Find other languages on our Youtube channel.

The different systems for hanging and installing your ceiling fan

Is it possible to install an Exhale fan on a false ceiling (BA13)?

Yes, it is possible to install an Exhale fan on a false ceiling, but bear in mind that the fan weighs 11.3 kilos in total, therefore some precautions must be taken. Several solutions are possible:

  • Install the fan support on a plate (from 15 x 15 cms – 6 inches) which it is connected to the concrete by long threaded rods.
  • Distribute the weight of the fan over a larger area using an Opaline or plywood sheet which is at least 30 x 30 cms -10 inches (it will be masked anyway by the fan which is full).

Poser un ventilateur sur un faux plafond Chevilles en laiton molly kit installation faux plafond tige filletée

Fitting of an Exhale fan on false ceilings and uneven surfaces

faux plafond et exhale fan

There are 2 solutions to fitting the Exhale fan on a false ceiling (taking into account that the fan plus motor weigh 11 kilos). Ventilateur exhale sur plafond fragile

(Installation on a fragile ceiling – See our blog article for advice )

1 – the first is to use a 50cm x 50cm sheet of Opalin (pvc) to increase the bearing capacity over a wider area.

  • The Opalin sheet is fixed to the suspended ceiling by means of a rod with toggle, or a rod with spring (ex. Trademark Molly from Castorama – see photo)
  • The Opalin sheet is hidden by the fan which is opaque, in order to maintain the esthetic result.

2 – The second method, the safest, is to start the operation as in solution 1 above but using threaded rods long enough to reach the concrete of the ceiling for the best stability and safety. (ideally 4 to 8 rods)

  • Drill the false ceiling with a drill bit long enough to reach the concrete, fix the copper dowls and screw the threaded rods into the dowls (Molly).
  • The Opalin sheet is hidden by the fan which is opaque, in order to maintain the esthetic result.

See below: threaded rods and expandable dowls (Molly) installation ventilateur exhale faux plafond False ceiling kit, supplied with the Exhale fan:

Can the fan be installed on a sloping ceiling? What degree is the maximum slope?

1 – As with all ceiling fans, installation on a flat ceiling is recommended.

You can install your fan on a rod (with possibly an Opalin sheet at the end of the rod if the latter does not have one). Fixation rods can be found here (or at the specialised supplier of your choice): In this latter case, we remind you that the diameter of the fan is 86cms. We recommend that the service of a professional for this type of installation should be sought 2 – We also offer our own EXHALE system of rods tiltable up to 45 degrees. Adjustable length from 30 to 45 cms. Extensible and tiltable rod. For the installation of a fan on a sloping ceiling up to 45 degrees. Perfect dimensions for your Exhale. Modular length from 30 to 45 cms. Colour : WHITE Available from our online shop:

What size should the lengthening rod of the Exhale fan be?

(In particular for sloping or cathedral ceilings) To make the right choice for the format of the rod, the following elements should be taken into account:

  • The diameter of the fan is 86 cms
  • The diameter of the Exhale motor is 14 cms
  • For better efficiency, the fan should ideally be flat
  • The fan must be provided with a classical electrical supply

As a result, the following criteria must be met:

  • The rod must be long enough so that the fan is flat without touching the walls
  • The rod has a base of at least 14cms to fix the motor to, if this is not the case a sheet (for example a sheet of Opalin) measuring 20×20 or 30×30 as a support at the end of the rod. (The support will not be visible, the esthetic effect will not be affected).

To find rods, the following sites can be consulted:

Is it possible to attach an Exhale fan instead of a ceiling light?

It is possible to use an Exhale instead of a ceiling light since a simple power supply is enough to power both the fan and the LED light (even if you have a ground wire). The light is independent of the ventilation and is controlled by the Exhale remote control. ventilateur plafonnier

Installation of the fan by a professional

If you do not wish to install your fan yourself, you can seek the service of an electrician (as for a traditional ceiling fan). List of professional fitters: List of approved Exhale fitters.

2. What are the spacers (provided with my Exhale fan) useful for?

The spacers are placed between the motor and the LED to avoid friction.

If you hear a rubbing noise, check that you have correctly placed the spacers as indicated on page 11 of the user manual.

Logistics and payment

Delivery time

If we have the product in stock, we usually deliver within 8 days after your order. Products are shipped from France so delays can vary depending on the distance to be covered. Don’t hesitate don’t contact us for further information.

Payment plans

Solutions for payment plans are possible. The 3D safe site offers access to automatic payment in 3 instalments without the need to open a credit dossier.

Exhale as an investment for your house (taxes and ecology).

Depending on your country, Exhale can be partially refunded in your local taxes program.

Operation and Use

Can I leave my Exhale fan on permanently?

The Exhale fan was designed to be in operation 24h/24. At speed 1 (120 rpm) the consumption is only 4 watts. Thanks to its silent system, you would probably not notice that it is on.

How much does an Exhale that runs 24 hours a day cost?

Based on a kWh cost of 0.174€ (average rate of EDF – Electricity of France in 2021).
Knowing that an Exhale in speed 1 (minimum / for winter comfort), consumes only 4 Watts per hour.
Knowing that an Exhale in speed 6 (maximum / for summer comfort) consumes 50 Watts per hour.
In a month of 30 days, running 24 hours a day, it will therefore run 24 x 30 = 720h/month.

  • At speed 1 (winter comfort), an exhale running 24 hours a day will consume 0,5€ of electricity per month.
  • At speed 6 (summer comfort), an exhale running 24 hours a day will consume 6,26€ of electricity per month.

SpeedConsumption (W/h)Cost W/hPer day (€)Per month (€)

What size room (surface/volume) can a single Exhale co

The recommended room size for an Exhale depends on the objective:

  • For summer comfort (cooling and breeze) = one fan for 10 to 30 square metres (25 to 150 cubic metres).
  • For winter comfort (destratification, improvement of heating appliances, heat distribution in the room and uniformity of the floor/ceiling temperature, count on one Exhale for large surfaces (up to 100-150 square metres) and a high ceiling height (6 to 8 metres), i.e. one Exhale for 500 to 900 cubic metres).

What is the maximum area of a room for an optimal use of the Exhale fan?

If the ceiling height is lower than 3m, we advise an area of 20-25 sq.m per fan for an optimal comfort in the event of a heatwave.
Over and above these dimensions or in the event of doubt, don’t hesitate to contact us.

How to clean and maintain the Exhale fan?

In order to lengthen the life of your Exhale fan and keep it looking tiptop, you can use the following cleaning accessories:

  • A feather duster
  • Wipes
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • A small brush to remove dust between the discs

Our preferred method is to use an anti-dust cloth which can be fitted to a rod to reach the high places. Running the cloth along the inside and outside of the discs will remove all the accumulated dust. You can also use a microfibre anti-dust brush of the “Mini Blind” brand. nettoyage ventilateur

Should the filter be changed? How often?

There is no filter to change on the Exhale fan. There are no parts to change on the Exhale fan.

Heating appliance: We have a wood fire and would like to use the fan to prevent the heat from rising.

The Exhale fan is particularly adapted to maintain a regular temperature throughout a room. Thus it is perfectly adapted to work alongside a log fireplace, a wood burning insert, or a stove. As far as possible the Exhale fan should be installed close to the heat source for optimal efficiency. All around the heat zone the temperature is particularly high. Thanks to the Exhale fan, the air in circulation regulates the temperature near the heat source.

Does the Exhale fan run on a 230v electrical supply?

Yes, all the fans that we deliver in France and Europe are 230v (with the CE standards) there is nothing particular to do with regard to electricity supply. Find more information on the technical characteristics: Electricity consumption and noise.

Is the remote control equipped with an on/off button or does a switch have to be added to the electricity supply?

The remote control:

  • Is equipped with an on/off button for the light (which can operate with or without the ventilation)
  • Allows the intensity of the light to be adjusted from 20 to 100%
  • Allows the fan to be operated (up to 6 different speeds)

It can also be connected to a ceiling light with an on/off switch with an electricity supply, but it is not mandatory since the remote control is totally independent. exhale fans télécommande ventilateur

Remote reprogramming (Syncing the remote)

Turn the power OFF for at least 10 Seconds, if necessary, turn off the Circuit Breaker that routes
power to your fan.

  • Turn Power to the Fan ON
  • Within 60 seconds of turning the power on, press and hold the LED ON/OFF button for 5 seconds. Do not touch any other button during this process, doing so will cause this process to fail.
  • Once the Synchronization is completed and detected you will hear an audible “BEEP” which
    indicates a successful synchronization.
  • After completing the steps all fan functions will be available.

Is it possible to stir the air between 2 levels with Exhale?

Yes, it is possible to create some air circulation between 2 levels (especially a mezzanine or a loft) when using an Exhale bladeless ceiling fan. The Exhale will spread and stir the air in the entire room which will uniform the room temperature. When you have to levels the second one usually as much hotter as heat goes up. Exhale will help you to fight this by circulating the air everywhere. Faire circuler l'air entre deux étages

In which direction must the Exhale fan rotate for winter mode ?

The Exhale fan works differently from a bladed fan (as it does not have angled blades)therefore the rotation direction does not matter.

To use the Exhale fan in winter mode, turn it to speed 1 or 2 leave it on most of the times (ideally permanently at speed 1), it will destratify (evenly distribute temperature in the room)the room.
It will consume very little and will circulate the air in the room which will balance the floor / ceiling temperature for a very limited cost.

In summer mode, run the fan at a higher speed (3 to 6) to feel a breath of air.

Direction of rotation

Unlike a fan with blades (because of the inclined orientation of the blades), the direction of rotation on an Exhale is not important. (Unless you have two Exhales in the room. In that case, rotating them in opposite directions increases the airflow).

With Exhale, it is the speed of rotation that needs to be changed depending on your objective of summer or winter confort.

During the cold season, you use the Exhale fan at minimum speed, speed 1 or 2, to stir and mix the room air without creating a cooling blast of air. Efficiency is sought: low noise, low power consumption & mixing the air from floor to ceiling to balance the temperature.

In the hot season, you use high speeds, 4, 5 or 6, to generate a cooling breeze.

Note that the reversal of direction on Exhale is only of interest if you use 2 Exhale fans in the same room (rare for private homes) and you run them in opposite directions, to create an 8-way effect and thus increase the airflow generated.

Is Exhale compatible with a CMV (controlled mechanical ventilation) ?

There is no perturbation between an Exhale fan and a CMV (controlled mechanical ventilation). The CMV will not be affected in any way by your Exhale fan.

Is Exhale noisy?

Decibel scale according to BruitParif