Sponsorship program

Sponsor your friends to gain advantages…

Exhale sponsorship offer

You think Exhale products are good?

Talk about them to your friends and get our sponsorship formula.

The sponsor and the person sponsored gain the advantage of a reduction of €30 per fan purchased

There is no limit to the number of sponsorships nor the number of fans purchased:

  • The €30 (per fan) is credited to your bank account for the sponsor,
  • The €30 (per fan) is deducted from the order for the ponsored person.



Ex1: Mr X sponsors his neighbour and his cousin who each purchase an Exhale fan. Mr X receives 2×30€. His neighbour and his cousin each gain a reduction of €30 on the purchase of the Exhale fan.

Ex2: Mrs Y sponsors her company who buy 20 Exhale fans for their offices and server rooms. The company gains a reduction of 20x€30 incl.tax and Mrs Y receives 20x€30= €600.


If you have any questions on the sponsorship system, contact contact@exhale-europe.com

IMPORTANT: The number of persons sponsored is unlimited, complete several forms if necessary

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