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Our customers (public schools & buildings) are very satisfied with exhale fans, they like the air breeze that feels like a soft marine breeze.
From our professional side, despite a long delivery, we underline the reactivity of the European distributor, with a proper after sales service for a premium product.

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France, 02/2020

Comment brancher un ventilateur sans arrivée électrique

This Friday I received the Exhale bladeless fan that I ordered on Wednesday! I have just installed it and enjoy the cool effect which it creates and the fact that it is silent. Gérard G.

France, 2019/06

Client Exhale Royaume Un

Looks great and is practical! Marc G.

Britain, 2019/05

Témoignage Exhale ventilateur de plafond haut

Here is a photo of my installation in my living room where this superb fan has found its perfect place and use. Joffrey M.

France, 2019/05

Our living room with mezzanine and cathedral ceiling was impossible to heat on the ground floor and was an oven on the upper floor. We have had the Exhale fan since last winter : pleasant temperature on both levels. Added to which the manager was open to our concerns. Recommended. Severine M

France, 2018/09

We bought this product in June 2017 and are so satisfied with it that we are going to buy a further one for this summer 2018. At the time of our first purchase, contact with the Exhale manager was very pleasant, professional and reactive. Delivery to Switzerland presented no problems. We regularly enjoy the cool atmosphere that the fan creates, without being disturbed by the unpleasant flow of air from a traditional fan and all that in total silence. What a pleasure! Thanks to all the team.

Source : Chris R

Switzerland, 2018/05

Good morning,
So I have tried and installed this new product: the EXHALE, the new generation fan.
I am very happy with this purchase, for several reasons:

  • Noiseless
  • No “unpleasant” rotation to watch like the old fans with blades
  • Cool look… a lot of my friends were surprised by the design
  • Very efficient optional light which is not simply a gadget
  • Diffusion of the air very gentle and homogenous
  • The cherry on the cake : the remote control is very practical and simple to use.

I highly recommend this product Olivier B

France, 2017/10

A BIG thanks to the folks at Exhale Fans! Wonderful product, easy install! Total time spent installing from dropping the old fan to installing the Exhale? Only 25 minutes! – Martin

Source : Martin

USA, 2017

témoignage Exhale chambre et ventilateur

It’s a super fan, the excellent distribution of air is impressive. We are delighted and surprised by the elegance and quality of this product and also the absence of noise. Christophe P.

France, 2019/06

Ventilateur exhale dans une chambre

We are very happy with the cool effect and quasi-silence! The fan is installed over our bed and gives us the sensation of a pleasant breeze, without being a disturbance as would a normal fan. Superb! Daniele C.

Italy, 2019/05

With the arrival of the heat wave, we have been sleeping with the Exhale fan on in the bedroom. We put it on speed 2, practically noiseless with very pleasant total cooling breeze effect Pierre

France, 2018/06

Delighted with my purchase. Product adequate in my room – very high panelled ceiling – which allows the warm airflow to be directed down, so the room is perfectly temperate! The airflow can be reversed if required. Extra gentle, silent air distribution. I chose the model with “warm white” lighting, with adaptable light intensity: the best! Magnificent design, perfect packaging. Mariette T

France, 2017/10

I bought this article at the beginning of September, quick delivery, easy to install, very quiet, very even ventilation, very low consumption and with the option of the variable LED lighting, is really very good. This product is really the best of the best. Added to which the reception and professionalism of Exhale Europe is excellent. Thank you.
Source : Thierry L

France, 2017/09

While doing some remodeling and looking for ideas, my wife stumbled across after watching some videos and getting more information, she decided she wanted one. I on the other was against it. Of course, being married, I lost the battle. Today, our fan was finally installed. All I can say is WOW. Myself along with my contractor were completely amazed with the airflow this fan puts out. I highly recommend for people to put out the few extra dollars and be happy. An added bonus is the doesn’t hang down low. No swaying or ducking to avoid running into low hanging fans

Source :


USA, 2017

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