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The Exhale Fans are sold worlwide since 2015.

In Europe, they are sold to four main markets :

  • End consumers for their home and flats (living rooms, bedroom and kitchen)
  • Public buildings (schools, universities)
  • Private B2B (offices, retirement homes, hotels)
  • House promotion and construction.

End consumers for their home and flats

Public buildings

Private B2B

House promotion and construction

Map of B2B references in Europe

Main Features of Exhale

The air circula

Exhale has 3 Unique Patents

Unlike any other fan, Exhale Fan stirs the air at 360 degrees around the room, not just under him

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Ultra slim design

With only 6 inches (18 cms) the Exhale fan fits in any ceiling, even low ceilings rooms (2m50).

ventilateur fin et plat

Ultra Safe solution for schools, public buildings and bedrooms

The bladeless fan prevents any injury and create a risk free solution for all buildings.


Silent and efficient

The Exhale fan is very silent thanks to its DC Brushless motor.

The Exhale fan is ventilating the entire room (360 degrees), not just below the fan.

B2B Gallery

Our customers

Save up to -38% economy on electric bills with Exhale

The Exhale Fans are used in addition to AC & Heating solutions making them more effective.
They allow important savings on the energy bills.

According to the sudy conducted on Exhale by the university of Purdue (USA) an Exhale fan can reduce your electricty bill by up to 38%

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