Second-hand Exhale fan

Your second-hand Exhale ceiling fan. Find out about our warranties.

What are Exhale second-hands models?

We have on offer second-hand Exhale bladeless fans, almost new and in excellent condition:

  • Showroom return models
  • Models from exhibitions
  • Models used for photography.


These models are covered by the same guarantee as the new models:

  • Fan (discs) = life warranty
  • Motor, remote control, LED = 5-year warranty

Find out more about the Exhale warranty : After sales service and Warranty


To find out more about opportunities with our Exhale certified second-hand models, please fill out the contact form below.

Témoignage Exhale ventilateur de plafond haut

Here is a photo of my installation in my living room where this superb fan has found its perfect place and use.

Joffrey M.

France, 2019/05

Client Exhale Royaume Un

Looks great and is practical!

Marc G.

Britain, 2019/05

Delighted with my purchase. Product adequate in my room – very high panelled ceiling – which allows the warm airflow to be directed down, so the room is perfectly temperate! The airflow can be reversed if required. Extra gentle, silent air distribution. I chose the model with “warm white” lighting, with adaptable light intensity: the best! Magnificent design, perfect packaging.

Mariette T

France, 2017/10

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