Second-hand Exhale fan

Your second-hand Exhale ceiling fan. Find out about our warranties.

What are Exhale second-hands models?

We have on offer second-hand Exhale bladeless fans, extra flat fan almost new and in excellent condition:

  • Showroom return models
  • Models from exhibitions
  • Models used for photography.

These models are covered by the same guarantee (parts) as the new models:

  • Fan (discs) = life warranty
  • Motor, remote control, LED = 5-year warranty

Find out more about the Exhale warranty : After sales service and Warranty

Second hand EXHALE fans are of the latest generation (Gen 4.5). They are covered by a 5 years warranty like the new ones.

The box is sometimes a bit damaged by the delivery & return but the product is tested, clean and functional.


How to order a second hand fan?

To order your second-hand EXHALE GEN 4.5 fan: you just have to order a new Exhale on the online shop: and use the coupon/discount code OCCASION100 during the validation of the cart (1st step: VOUCHERS). When ordering, you can choose a model with or without LED light.

You will then receive a 100€ discount (and we will send you a second-hand model).

The coupon code OCCASION100 cannot be combined with the commercial offers (which only apply to brand new products).

  • The 2 models NEW and OCCASION are covered by a 5 years warranty.
  • You have a “satisfied or your money back offer for 15 days” offer on new and second-hand products.
  • We ship with DPD, as soon as we receive your order. We have stock, both on new and second-hand fans.


If you have any questions about Exhale certified second hand fans, please fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page.

You can go directly to the online shop to place an order with the discount code OCCASION100.

Témoignage Exhale ventilateur de plafond haut

Here is a photo of my installation in my living room where this superb fan has found its perfect place and use.

Joffrey M.

France, 2019/05

Client Exhale Royaume Un

Looks great and is practical!

Marc G.

Britain, 2019/05

Delighted with my purchase. Product adequate in my room – very high panelled ceiling – which allows the warm airflow to be directed down, so the room is perfectly temperate! The airflow can be reversed if required. Extra gentle, silent air distribution. I chose the model with “warm white” lighting, with adaptable light intensity: the best! Magnificent design, perfect packaging.
Mariette T

France, 2017/10

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