Ambassador program

Become ambassador for Exhale fans Europe and be rewarded !

Become an Exhale ambassador

You like your Exhale fan and would like to support its growth?

Become a brand ambassador and get paid to accept to receive phone calls from potential buyers and eventually have them visit your fan to see it work.


If you wish to become Ambassador for exhale fans:

  • You accept that we can occasionnaly give your number to someone around you who would call you with questions
  • During a phone exchange, prospects could ask you to come and visit the fan at your place. They take an appointment with you to come and see it if you are Ok
  • If the prospect comes to see the fan, you will automatically receive € 30 (whether he buys it or not).
    If the prospect subsequently buys an Exhale fan after the call or visit, we will pay you € 30 per fan purchased.
    That is a potential payment of € 60 (if the sale is concluded afterwards) or a minimum of € 30 per visit.
  • You can stop being an ambassador at any moment by simple email or phone request.

Become an ambassador