Control your Exhale fan with a switch

February 7th 2020

Yes, you can control your exhale with a switch:
Picture this: You enter the room, press on a switch, your exhale fan starts and its LED light is also on. The light can work simultaneously or separately from the fan rotation, turning your Exhale fan into a roof light.


Here’s how:

1 – 1) You set once the parameters (speed of the fan, light ON/OFF, intensity of the light) on your remote. For example Speed 3 out of 6, light on at 50% (the LED light is independent from the ventilation and can be set between 20 and 100%).
2 – 2) You turn off the fan with the switch (in fact, the switch will cut the power from the fan). The parameters you have set on step 1 (rotation speed and light) will be saved.
3 – 3) Your fan can now be controlled by the switch.
4 – 4) You can now store your remote in a safe place. If you want to change your parameters, go back to step 1.


Author’s Notes:

  • This switch control method is very useful for hotels or parents that are afraid that their kids would lose/break the remote.
  • We suggest the following parameters settings:
    • Rotation speed 1 or 2 for small bedrooms (without light).
    • Rotation speed 4-5-6 in large living rooms. Of course settings are entirely up to you!
    • The smartphone control or control by a home assistant (Alexa, Google Home, Siri) is not available yet on GEN4 fans. But it will be in a future SMART version of the Exhale fan.