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Anyone who lives in a house with a mezzanine, a cathedral roof or simply a ceiling height of over 4 metres knows the problem. The heat rises! So when winter comes, they heat up the ceiling! And the higher the ceiling, the bigger the difference.

To bring down the heat stagnating on the ceiling, there’s a very simple solution called a destratifier. Behind this barbaric name lies a ceiling fan equipped with a winter comfort mode.

What is winter comfort mode?

Winter comfort mode is a mode in which a fan (ceiling fan with blades) turns in the opposite direction to draw air upwards rather than blowing it downwards.

Stirring the (warm) air that stagnates on the ceiling will break up the layers of temperature that form naturally (cold air on the floor, warm air in the middle and warm air on the ceiling). With its 5 patents, the Exhale bladeless ceiling fan is particularly effective in this task. Unlike fans with blades, it is capable of blowing the air 360 degrees and not just underneath it. This means that the warm air from the ceiling is really stirred up and distributed to all corners of the room, making it much easier to even out the temperature from floor to ceiling. It’s important to note that as soon as you have a high ceiling, a destratifier is useful, because whatever the performance or type of heating system, there’s nothing to stop the heat rising! This often results in overheating (of the ceiling and the floors) to obtain an acceptable and comfortable temperature downstairs. In this case, an Exhale ceiling fan is doubly useful, both for the comfort of the occupants and for saving energy (ecological and financial waste).

How much would it cost in electricity to have an Exhale running 24 hours a day?

Based on a highly inflationary kWh rate of €0.2516 (EDF rate March 2024).
Considering that an Exhale fan at speed 1 (the slowest / for winter comfort), consumes only 4 Watts per hour.
At maximum speed (speed 6 / for summer comfort) an Exhale consumes 50 Watts per hour. (Note that it may be worth limiting the speed to speed 5 out of 6 to consume only 36 Watts for an almost equivalent air speed).

Over a 30-day month, running 24 hours a day, it will therefore operate 24 x 30 = 720 hours/month.

  • At speed 1 (winter comfort), an exhale running 24 hours a day will consume €0.72 worth of electricity per month.
  • At speed 6 (summer comfort), an exhale running 24 hours a day will consume €9.05 worth of electricity per month.
SpeedConsumption (W/h)Cost Watt/hourPer day (€)Per month (€)

Up to what height is it effective?

A single fan is considered effective for 500 cubic metres (i.e. a 60 square metre room with an 8 metre ceiling height). Above this volume, we recommend a second Exhale ceiling fan for greater efficiency.

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