Winter: Heat your home all over efficiently

Every year same story, winter comes faster than expected and we wonder how to efficiently heat our house up. The good news is that your Exhale ventilator, which is so useful for providing comfort in the summer, is also capable helping you during winter period.

With this bladeless ceiling fan, you will be able to:

  • Save energy.
  • Disperse the hot air from your fireplace.
  • Balance the temperature between the levels of your home (loft, mezzanine).
  • DESTRATIFY (= break the temperature layers).

1 – Save energy

Whatever heating you have, Exhale Fan can make it more efficient (as your air conditioning in summer for the matter) .

It will send the air throughout the room ensuring good air circulation ALL-OVER.

Your heating is therefore more efficient and consumes less.

Purdue University (USA) has shown that with our fan, you can reduce your electricity bill up to 38%!

2 – Disperse the hot air from your fireplace or stove

This point is particularly valid with modern stoves. These are so efficient in terms of energy that they are limit unbearable when standing within a meter of them.

In this case, the hot air around the stove or fireplace will be taken in by the Exhale fan and expelled out at 360 degrees around the room. The temperature near the stove will be bearable and the hot air will be dispersed throughout the room.

This will be particularly useful for large living rooms with an open kitchen and or for rooms with high ceilings.

Fireplace - high ceiling - ceiling fan
fan heat distribution - wood stove - fan
Heat distribution - fan and heater

3 – Hamonize the temperature between the different floors (loft, mezzanine, Haussmanian building, high ceilings)

When you have high ceilings (cathedral ceiling, Haussmanian building, etc.) or a mezzanine, you always have the feeling of just heating the ceiling! And this is accurate because heat rises (see the diagram of De-Stratification below).

Higher the ceilings are, more difficult the room is to heat up!

The Exhale fan deflects the hot air accumulated on the ceiling to the sides of the room. The mezzanine ambiance will be more pleasant with the hot air that is better distributed and the air flow created. And above all you will finally enjoy the warm air on the ground level.

It can also be used in staircases between 2 floors.

ventilate a loft
Fan in the stairs

4 – De-stratification

Behind this barbaric name hides the phenomenon which explains why it is so complicated to heat high ceilings and the Exhale solution for your winter comfort.

Indeed, the temperature will organize itself in layers of temperatures from the coldest to the hottest. The coldest on the ground (hence the cold feet syndrome) where we live (damn gravity!) Then the layers get warmer and warmer to the ceiling.

This results in temperature differences of up to several degrees between the floor and high ceilings. By blending the air, Exhale will break these temperature layers / strata (hence the term DE-stratification).


Temperature layers

Therefore your Exhale will be a precious companion for both summer comfort (cooling, air flow, better sleep) and winter comfort (efficient heating, management of high ceilings, de-stratification).

Beyond summer and winter comfort, Exhale bladeless ceiling fans reduce energy costs in buildings, which is a major objective of the new environmental standards (IE RE2020).

Exhale fan in a home I had a closed wood fireplace installed in 2018. I quickly realized that when it heated, the heat stagnated on the ceiling. I looked for a solution and found the Exhale ceiling fan. It is really the best, a good mixing of the air, which allows to have a homogeneous heat. And little more for the very hot summers of now, a refreshment without having an excessive draft in the eyes as with a traditional fan. I do not regret my investment. Thanks Exhale.*****/posts/10216930786572270

Fabrice R.

France, 10/09/2020

Installation of the Exhale fan in 2019 at a height level of 4.50 m in order to better distribute the heat from the fireplace insert stuck at the mezzanine level towards the bottom part of the room. Huge temperature difference between the ground floor and the first floor.

Commissionned during winter 2019/2020. No disappointment regarding the product which keeps all its promises by well distributing the heat all over the living room-mezzanine. No more drop in temperature in the staircase, no more cold feeling thanks to a very good uniformity of the heat despite the fact that the ventilator is fixed at hight level of 4.50 m! Feeling of well-being.

The plusses :

  • its design blends perfectly in our living room.
  • Quiet product.
  • Ergonomic remote control.
  • Its central lighting is valuable.
Christian G.

France, 27/09/2020

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