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The choice of bladeless fans for seniors

Exhale Fans Europe has equipped PROTEION retirement home chain based in the Netherlands.

Why choose a Vortex fan? Many elderly people dislike air conditioning or direct wind drifts as traditional ceiling fans would.

The air conditioning can also induce a thermal shock when the difference between the outside and inside temperature is important. Sudden changes of temperature are more difficult to assimilate by Seniors. Also close cold air drifts are sometimes subject to headaches, sore throats, eye dryness…

Exhale fan allows a cool pleasant movement of the air, without the nasty feeling of cold direct drifts.

Illustrations provided by Proteion after the fans were installed in one of their institutions, July 2019

It is question of destratification

How is Exhale is able to ventilate an entire room without producing an unpleasant drift of air? Is the temperature stabilized?

To learn more about how Exhale works: