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Exhale facilitates the energy transition of schools and nurseries!

Several thousand Exhale fans have been installed over the last 3 years (in nurseries in Lyon and Solaize, and in schools and universities in Marseille, Toulouse, Paris, Montpellier, Orange, Pau, Bordeaux, Nantes, Lille, Grenoble, etc.)!

Reducing the consumption of the most energy consuming communal buildings (schools, nurseries, town halls…) is one of the priority objectives of public authorities. EXHALE, a specialist in the market of bladeless ceiling fans, cooperates with the educational establishments in this important approach by equipping them with Exhale Gen 4.5. A fan that not only distributes air at 360° in a room for optimal ventilation, but also has a better energy efficiency on the intermediate speeds (the most used). Low power consumption, performance and reliability make Exhale a safe “green choice”!

The ecological option to reduce energy costs

Using a fan to supplement the heating system in winter and air conditioning in summer is a little-known way to save on electricity bills. However it can significantly reduce energy consumption. The Exhale fan can save up to 38% on the electricity bill. On the intermediate speeds, the most used, consumes very little: 9 to 16 Watts*, which is up to 50% less than a usual ceiling fan.

Thanks to its constant air flow, Exhale maintains the temperature at an even level from floor to ceiling. As a result, the heaters or air conditioners are just as efficient and consume way less energy. The air feels pleasant and circulates everywhere.

In view of the new RE 2020 environmental standard, Exhale blade-less air fans serves to improve summer and winter comfort in public and private buildings while reducing their energy consumption.

* Speed 3 & 4 out of 6

A solution already adopted by a large number of schools!

In addition to private individuals, Exhale has already equipped a large number of schools and educational or post-baccalaureate institutions: IUT, Universities, more than twenty school groups in the city of Marseille, more than 10 crèches in the city of Lyon (69) are equipped, as well as numerous educational establishments in the Lyon region, the PACA region, Occitania, New Aquitaine and the Paris region.

Our strengths include:
The absence of blades, which eliminates any risk of injury, particularly in rooms intended for children (classrooms or play areas).
Lateral diffusion, which means you can diffuse the air anywhere in the classroom, but also prevents leaves and hair from flying around, for maximum concentration.
What’s more, its slim (18 cm), streamlined design means it can be installed in any room in a building, even one with a low ceiling.

Exhale fan Mayotte Kahani school

Kahani – Mayotte

Exhale ceiling fan Mayotte Kahani school

Kahani – Mayotte

Grenoble Polytechnic Institute (Grenoble INP) - France

Grenoble Polytechnic Institute (Grenoble INP) – France

Exhale fan Mayotte Kahani school

Collège Pré Gaudry – Lyon – France

Exhale fan Mayotte Kahani school

Collège Pré Gaudry – Lyon – France

The inventive technology of Exhale

The Exhale Gen 4.5 fans are equipped with a DC Brushless motor, which makes them almost imperceptible (35 to 40 Decibels on its maximum speed). The ideal solution for classrooms, which are already noisy enough!

In addition, thanks to their patented technology that creates a Vortex effect, the fans provide an optimal level of comfort. The 360 degree airflow system (one Exhale fan can cover a room of up to 50m2) makes the room temperature ambient so evryone in the room feels at ease.

The movement of the unit works like an inverted aircraft turbine, drawing in air from below and sending it out in all directions. The air is not simply directed downwards, it circulates in the room in a pleasant cyclonic flow.

Article :

We have equipped the Pré Gaudry secondary school in Lyon Gerland (France) with 112 Exhale fans.

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