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New Exhale factory ready to go

April 29th 2020

Dear Customers,

Depiste Covid19 crisis, we are progressing in the release of Exhale in the new factory site.

This new factory has 2 main benefits:

  • increased production capacity
  • improved product quality

Here are some pictures of the production chain:

We intend to bring 2 containers of 390 Exhale fans by sea.
We aim for a delivery of the first container In June and the second container by the end of June.

We are in contact every day with our American supplier and studying every alternative to deliver as fast as possible in a disturbed international context at every level (factory, warehouse, logistics).

We implement and consider every solution to deliver our European customers as soon as possible.
We will get there soon!

Thank you for your support and patience.

Best regards

Pierre Lacarriere
Exhale Europe CEO