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Article published on , Novembre 27, 2017

Exhale introduces the first bladeless ceiling fan

Exhale Europe is launching the first ceiling fan without blades which distributes the air evenly in the whole room (360 degrees) which enables you to have the same temperature all over the house. It helps you feel good at home, any time of the year!

With a refined style, Exhale is the first ceiling bladeless fan. Its ingenious system provides maximum comfort thanks to silent ventilation which redistributes the air and ventilates the entire room.

This explains how the air flows constantly, eliminating any moisture, which could lead to mould and bacteria.

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Exhale’s technology allows keeping even temperature in the entire place throughout the year. Air flows everywhere providing a comfortable sensation. It is advised to use Exhale fan all year long because of its constant air owing which improves the air quality and at the same time eliminates any humidity. Exhale’s fan aims to reinforce their devices by diminishing their charges and usage costs.


Moreover, Exhale is extremely silent and consumes very little energy.

It is the first in its category that offers a perfect efficiency without any help of blades. No need to mix the air or to sit in front of the fan to feel the refreshing breeze because Exhale unifies room’s temperature thanks to air’s smooth 360° circular motions.

Somewhere between a traditional ceiling fan and an air-conditioning system, Exhale’s vortex fan offers a true solution to refresh and ventilate the interior of your house.

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