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RE2020 data entry forms – Exhale ceiling fans

Edibatec integration with regulatory thermal calculation software

Integration with Edibatec is already in place for Climawin and Pleiades-Comfie.

It is underway for other RE2020 software. Click here to access the Edibatec file..

Characterisation of ceiling fans in RE2020

The fans are modelled taking into account the following elements:

  • A ceiling fan component is created for each type of ceiling fan.
  • Only one type of fan is permitted for a single partitioned room
  • The air speed in an area covered by fans of a certain model is proportional to the circulation rate in that area.
  • The calculation applies to ceiling heights of less than 3m.
  • For fans of the same model, the same management/regulation is applied, without knowing the exact location of the occupant.
  • The maximum surface area served by a ceiling fan is 15 m².
  • Ceiling fans can only be operated during cooling periods.

Entries are made at group level.

Ceiling fans can only be used in non-air-conditioned units.

Data to be entered in RE2020 software

The input data is as follows:

  • number of fans: depending on the number you specify for the room in question[i]
  • type: manual management
  • type of use: day/night/day and night

In the current state of our information, the type of use is based on the actual use of the given room. For example, an office is used during the day, a bedroom at night. A room that is also used as an office (e.g. a studio used for teleworking during the day) could benefit from day and night mode.

Only residential buildings can have night-time or mixed uses

  • % of usable floor space occupied by rooms of a given type of use: the value is capped at 15 m² per fan.
  • % of usable surface area covered by identical fans : 100 %
  • Maximum fan power: 50 W – declared value
  • Maximum fan speed: 6900 m3/h – declared value


[i] Exhale’s technical team will be happy to help you with the layout and sizing of your ceiling fans.

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